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Chad Israel is an Innovative Marketing Leader with 15 years of specialized experience in driving solutions for Fortune 500 brands. Chad has a successful record in meeting the unique requirements and challenges of high growth disruptive campaigns. Chad Israel brings a strong understanding in how social media impacts a company’s brand proposition as well as revenue streams. Chad has led large teams responsible for shaping corporate growth with brand strategies to drive successful outcomes that surpass goals. Due a diverse background Chad offers expertise in leading the design, development and execution of strategic, multi-channel social media campaigns. Throughout his career, Chad Israel has instilled a passion for recruiting, training and building high performance marketing teams. Most of all Chad is known for providing exceptional service to clients through positive communication and thought leadership. 


It started with a white kid wanting to be a rapper. From a small Ohio farm town to chasing a dream, it is a common story about the pursuit of something big and how that opened other amazing opportunities. There was drive behind the motivation. Back in 1992 there were not many viable pathways into the music industry. A small recording studio in Cincinnati is where an independent label, "House Jam Records" was formed. "MC Storm & The Storm Coalition" was signed to a multi-year, multi-album record deal. Next was the task of juggling college while trying to be a rapper. Small performances, opening for Notorious B.I.G. (3x's) Craig Mack, Busta Rymes, Tribe Called Quest, and many others. The label didn't turn out but that did not squash my goal. There was one way to make it. Move to New York City.

With $500 moving from Ohio to NYC seemed like a great idea. After about a month of failed attempts to break into the music industry, running out of money and falling short on hope the thought of packing it up was real. My girlfriend had a cousin who had a friend who was throwing a of those types of Hail Mary passes. That night life took a pivot. Meeting three producers who happened to be brothers calling themselves "House of Tre" ended up being the break I needed. 

They had a studio session in Manhattan to get too. I had a car. Next day I was in the city and stumbled into one of Alicia Keys' first recording sessions. She was 17 at the time and just starting her career. That night G- Flowers played the acoustic guitar section of "Butterflies".  From that night on I was rolled up into the Alicia Keys MBK camp and didn't look back.

Alicia's manager Jeff Robinson helped fine tune my creativity. He saw an ability to plug me in as a screenwriter. I took his advice, enrolled at NYU and started taking MFA level screenwriting classes. 

Fast forward about 20 years and we get to today. So many amazing opportunities in life have come from that foundation of following a dream.